I know that I should wait until I’ve worked on this a bit more, but I’m pretty happy with it right now. This is the piece that I was talking about earlier, to pair with the image “Stain.” They will be displayed as light boxes in a show next month.

I had played around with the idea in my head for a bit, but always felt it didn’t fit yet or I had nothing to work with. I remember my first nosebleed when I was little. I was spending the summer in the Caribbean with my dad and we were searching for soldier crabs behind my grandmother’s house. It was hot and humid and the air felt so heavy. I remember feeling strange, as if I was burning up or something and all of a sudden my mouth tasted like metal and I felt light headed. There is something that has always stuck with me about it. How damp and over abundant the environment felt, as if it was on the edge of decay and rot, how scared and sick I felt, how hot the sun was…..I wanted to use the basic action of the event and apply it to something more familiar and then work out from there.

I guess ever since, I’ve had this strange fascination with nosebleeds? Or bleeding? I’m not completely sure but there should be more to come. I like the idea of something so strangely natural becoming really beautiful and gruesome and a bit over the top.

Anyway, step one.



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2 responses to “Bleed

  1. as an avid reader of your blog..
    so EXCITED for everything this image is and what is coming after…also, self-portraiture…yay!

  2. laigoe

    as a fan of your work it is getting better all the time.

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