Arlington Arts Center

I am heading to DC this weekend with Michelle Lee and Morgan Sanders, two fantastic artist friends of mine. We are going to check out the “Art Scouts” show that I am part of at the Arlington Arts Center. From the site:

For ART SCOUTS, six accomplished artists with strong presences in the DC metro region explain how and why they make their art—by presenting other artists who use the same materials or methods. These artists all work in different disciplines: Zoe Charlton (drawing), Mary Early (sculpture), J.J. McCracken (performance and installation), Maggie Michael (painting), Jefferson Pinder (video), and Kerry Skarbakka (photography). Each Art Scout will curate one of the AAC’s seven separate gallery spaces. The result is a show that not only highlights six distinctive points of view, but also explains what it means to take a contemporary approach to a particular fine art medium.

Kerry Skarbakka chose two pieces from The Parkhurst Slides, Big Dig,” which is above and “Majorette.”

If you are in the DC area this summer, check the show out! It will be up from June 18-August 21st.


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