The Driver’s Seat

Persistence is a powerful thing. It’s also a hard thing to handle. After a month of mishaps from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (general incompetency and inefficiency and insensitivity – I was laughed at by someone on the phone at driver services and records) I finally have my PA permanent license. I will ask one final time – why give a temporary laminated license that looks exactly like a permanent one but expires in two weeks of receiving it if you are going to wait nearly a week and a half to mail the permanent one and then laugh at the holder of said license when they are left without a license to drive, must cancel plans, are stranded, forced to do a run around to have a piece of paper that is a joke and does nothing that they say it will do……and on and on.

I cannot explain how many times I was ready to chuck it and just tell myself that I would fit back into the mold of the New Yorker who never needs to drive or wants to and …well anyway. Persistence is a great quality to have. If you keep trying it has to work. I hope that’s how it goes with photography. It is incredibly difficult to tell yourself for the 10th time in a row that it’ll work out this time, but it is so necessary and in the end worthwhile.

In other news, I am waiting on some film to be developed and am now planning part two of the trip. It has been nice to be back in NY, I’m planning some new projects and getting more excited to photograph as time goes on and I’m even starting an illustration project that I’ll post more about later.

Oh how things change when you can’t be in total control. The last two months have seemed like some strange post modern farce. I managed not to pull my hair out and with the right telling the whole thing seems like a story too good/too ridiculous to be true.

The bottom picture is from driving through a wind farm in Indiana and the top is … well a general view of the midwest from the driver’s seat.


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