Weekend Reading

Off for a weekend trip and trying to figure out how to pack for this weather. Hasselblad, disposable camera, New Yorker, The Sentimental Education by Flaubert, scarf, and this article written by William Deresiewicz about the loss of solitude in contemporary society. I am a big fan of my alone time so this article was a breath of fresh air. The link is below – well worth the read (and the hypocrisy of posting this to a blog…but eh.)




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3 responses to “Weekend Reading

  1. Jenn Kenn

    That was indeed a fantastic article. I’d had many similar sentiments knocking about my brain for quite some time, but nothing so coherent as expressed therein. I can identify with your self-doubt, expressed in the previous entry. Good luck, keep fighting, it’s worth it. I feel I have little to my name these days, except a bit of change in the bank and my sketchbook. And even that is rather little. I hope you can see it some day soon. As horribly cliche as it is, we’ll just have to keep scanning the horizon.

  2. David Tuzman

    Hey Magali, that article is amazing and I’ve been sharing it with everyone I can. It’s definitely something important to keep in mind as we “grow up” and start adjusting to life outside preset social and time structures and try to find out what we are truly comfortable with.

  3. magaliduzant


    Thanks Jenn and David for reading the article! I’ve been mulling over ideas of solitude and adulthood and it just kind of hit a nerve. The article seemed to encompass everything I’ve been feeling recently. Traveling this summer and taking a break from the usual has been such a nice way to re-approach just about everything.

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