Tenacious Curmudgeon

Went to a workshop put on by blurb featuring a talk by Jen Bekman about getting your work out there. It was good to be around like-minded individuals in the same boat and to hear the spiel again about web presence and visibility. I need to start tweeting, I guess?  A few people raised the issue of money – how can you afford portfolio reviews, residency fees, and exhibition/competition entries? Have another job, make your art on the weekends, at night, be selective. It all makes sense of course, but it’s tiring and I’ll be the first to admit – it can be a bit discouraging.

So I guess what I’m saying is keep pushing and maybe tweet? Maybe I’ll make up some stuff to tweet about?

In other news, I stopped into MOMA for free friday to see the New Photography 2010 show. It was alright, that’s about as far as I’ll go into it. I am a pushover for staged imagery and I liked some of Alex Prager’s work but it seemed as if it could still take one step away from it’s influence. Her short film was obviously heavily inspired by The Red Shoes, and yet the MOMA wall text didn’t make reference to it whatsoever (found that somewhat puzzling). The NY Times liked the show; click here for the review.

There was also a piece in the mezzanine that consisted of a microphone that people shrieked into and you could hear it all throughout the museum. After each shriek, each blood curdling scream, people clapped. A haunted museum of horrors.


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