When the tweets come from beyond the grave…

Read a pretty interesting article in the NY Times Magazine on the train today about what happens to your online persona when you’re gone. You can read it here. It’s strange to think that historians will not be sifting through written documents but might actually be cataloguing and analyzing tweets and facebook updates? It’s kind of sad – I wonder how many are as truthful to themselves, in regards to themselves when writing online as opposed to on the page. The definition of privacy has changed and with it the definition of self. It seems so many people take in the way the world views them and the image they project to the world as much if not more than the way they personally take in the world. I guess, just a loss of deep self-reflection? Probably overblown but it keeps bouncing back and forth in my head.

From the article: “The Carnegie Mellon robotics expert Hans Moravec, the artificial-intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky, the computer scientist Rudy Rucker and others articulated visions of a future in which technology might truly free us from “the bloody mess of organic matter,” to use a phrase of Minsky’s.”  – Doesn’t that sound fun?


In other news, I am paying for some frustrating computer malfunctions – headaches galore and days of rescanning! Photos will have to wait.

Reading: Ingenious Pain by Andrew Miller

Just finished: Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky


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