Sketchbook – Doesn’t look like Brooklyn anymore…

I forecast folk costumes as the next ironic mustache…

Page from my journal. Thanks to Lior for the odd elf pages and Cy for the $3 champagne. Happy weekend!

I’m going to this tonight: PhotoAlliance lecture Lucas Foglia, Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari are speaking.


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One response to “Sketchbook – Doesn’t look like Brooklyn anymore…

  1. it’s from an old children’s book that i found on the street somewhere around my house. it’s like an old science encyclopedia for kids, and that one is about “the snow”… “it’s hard to walk on the snow, some people wear special shoes to walk on the snow, which helps them to walk…”.
    reminds me my long days trying to walk in Pittsburgh when i just arrived and didn’t yet have the right shoes.
    I needed also Ray Ban, for sure!
    thanks for sharing this here.

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