Frazzle Rock

This is kind of ridiculous but who knows maybe it will reach the right person?

After a bit of a frazzled morning, lugging things around before heading off for Berkeley, I went to the Post Office (on Van Ness and 23rd in the Mission) to mail a birthday present. The post office made me upgrade my shipping or pay for tape, I only needed a strip and I’m not trying to complain but I think I might be the reason behind 1/3 of their annual profit. I send a lot of mail. Anyway, in my confusion and after being handed a roll of tape (I upgraded to priority so I could get “free tape”) which I had to cut with keys – no scissors (I mean really? No scissors? I felt like I was at survival camp, the lamest kind ever – “you’re cold, build a fire with what you can find!, no scissors? saw it off with a sharpened stick!”) I gathered my multitudes of bags and walked to BART. Upon arriving in Berkeley I realized that I had left a pack of paper with test strips, book mockup, and final prints. The culmination of at least a months work and definitely the output of the last two weeks. The post office this morning was no help. No one turned anything in and they looked at me like I was crazy.

What I’m trying to say is if you picked up a pack of Canson Infinity Etching Rag with a bunch of prints, please return it! I’ll gladly let you keep a print or two for being a good samaritan. I’ll even give you a copy of my book.

I hope that if no one returns them, he/she is at least enjoying the free work. If you have them or see someone unsuccessfully hawking them on the street (one can hope), email me at

Also, since I’m a bit disappointed in USPS, here’s one more thing – where are the good stamps!? I bought Rothko stamps last year, now I am left choosing between Reagan and Mother Teresa. Really?

I inserted a disposable camera picture so this has some visual appeal as opposed to just the words of a ranting loon.


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