Purple Noon

I titled this one after the René Clement film, Plein Soleil (titled Purple Noon in english). It’s based off of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. It’s better than the American version. Alain Delon is kind of like heaven. This is the trailer: Plein Soleil. I love the trailer narration – classic, grandstanding French. He calls Delon “romantic but remorseless.” Le grand succès du cinema français.

I shot this at Ocean Beach on a bit of a meander. It pulled up like this after I restarted the Imacon and I like it. No changes. No color correcting. I left my paper and a bunch of prints at the Post Office today. They are not picking up the phone. I don’t quite know how I zoned out that much. I didn’t realize until I got to Berkeley. Major fail.



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3 responses to “Purple Noon

  1. Fabulous! I love this one, and I haven’t even seen that trailer yet. I’m going to now!

  2. Lee

    Ooooh! You know how I loved that film and the photo is absolutely heavenly.

  3. magaliduzant

    I’m working on getting this one printed and a few others to actually have up for sale soon! Dream-like images of the sea – I’m a sucker.

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