Rooms I Have Slept In (update)

Rooms I have slept in…slight update. I am compiling a somewhat silly set of illustrations of the rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, futons whatever) I have slept in. Have I slept in yours? Can you send me a picture of it? Just a quick something would be great, even a one line description –

Thanks for reading!



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3 responses to “Rooms I Have Slept In (update)

  1. Love this series – will there be prints?

    • magaliduzant

      I’m so glad you like them!

      There will be prints – and I’m putting together a quick zine of all of the images – an obsessive compulsive’s minutiae data collection. Stay tuned for an email update of etsy news – it’s coming! I promise!

  2. do you remember our nice little apartment in paris?? I like the idea of drawing that..or the staircase with the morocco poster?

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