I am photographer and illustrator based in San Francisco, CA.

Born and raised in New York, I attended college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Carnegie Mellon University where I received a Bachelor of Humanities and Arts in Fine Art and Visual Culture. I formerly worked as the Exhibition Coordinator at Silver Eye Center for Photography and was the Director of Photography for the interdisciplinary studio PoiNT Projects. I have worked as a freelance photographer, production assistant, darkroom instructor, frazzled waitress, art installer, and lab tech among other things. I have exhibited nationally and was named one of Philadelphia based Project Basho’s Onward Emerging Photographers of 2010. In 2011 I was awarded an artist residency at Berkeley’s Kala Art Institute, where I am currently working on an artist’s book entitled, Ardara and On. My illustrations, inane and hopefully amusing, can be see on my site and zine, Notes On A Coast, devoted to editorial observations on life in the Bay Area. My photographs have appeared in Relay Arts Magazine, the sustainability journal Verdure, and the Parsons Paris look-book, among others. 

My photographs explore the appropriation and process of memory, the aesthetics of mid-century cinema, and narrative. These aesthetics help express the strangeness of a nostalgia that is not necessarily the artist’s own; instead a collective, societal nostalgia takes over. Mix in a somewhat wry sense of humor and finish it off.

My illustrations are silly, the way I like them.

I am available for commissions, freelance work, conversations and dinner.



2 responses to “About

  1. well done with Project Basho. First place I ever took photo classes 🙂

    • magaliduzant

      Thanks, Tokiea! I continue to hear really great things about Basho – tried going to the opening of the show I was in but (Feb) it happened during snowpocalypse….

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