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If You’re in Richmond…Check Out Some Big Art!

This month (April that is) I am participating in the Billboard Art Project’s Richmond show. So if you’re in Richmond, VA please do check it out; there are works on display from artists from all over the world as well as local artists. If you do see it – snap a picture for me!

From the website, “The Billboard Art Project is a nonprofit organization that acquires digital billboards normally used for advertising and repurposes them as roadside galleries. The Billboard Art project provides artists with a venue to display their art, free art shows are provided to the public, thus initiating a dialogue between artists, viewers and the public landscape.”

A schedule for each individual week can be found here: http://billboardartproject.org/cities/Richmond_2012.html

Billboard Art Project: http://billboardartproject.org


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Braddock triptych

Was tidying up a hard drive and found this. Final measurements are roughly 13×55″ I need to start sticking to regular sizes. Shot in Braddock, PA last year.

Click to enlarge – it needs it.

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I am in Pittsburgh on the first stop of my trip. Some things have come up because never forget nothing ever goes as planned or works like you want it to. I am restructuring my trip so it is safe but adventurous, epic but accomplishable for a single female traveler. My traveling companion dropped out a bit late which sent my plans into …. well into planning as I go.

I will be doing a few sections to complete the whole. Section one will be midwest and the great lakes, section two is the west coast, section three is southwest. It’s forming as I go, which is a bit scary but also kind of exciting.

I am working on car rental issues, map making, residency applying, and errand running from my first stop – steelers’ country. I found the above image on my hard drive. It was taken in Braddock while I was working on a collaborative project with a friend. Anyway, when I figure out step 2, I will post.


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