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Season’s Greetings


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Collecting Sap

Mix CD cover that I made. Always end with Arthur Russell: A Little Lost



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Gift wrap and blizzards

I was supposed to leave for California today but alas there is a blizzard somewhere in the Midwest. So I have an extra day or two to do the most boring things NYC has to offer – laundry! student ids! Target!

I celebrated my last (supposed last) night with lovely friends at Jimmy’s No. 43 last night and this weekend Michelle and I went to Spa Castle, the greatest thing ever. Or rather one of those things that just reinforces why you love a place, that place being New York. We paid for general entry and spent the day in saunas and whirlpools. It’s hard to describe but here goes: 4 floors of people in cult-like uniforms of brightly colored, unflattering t-shirts and shorts frequenting a “sauna valley” and “event baths.”

I’ve been wrapping gifts in pages of the NY Times magazine. I may never buy wrapping paper again.

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