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Alice on Lenscratch

Happy 4th! I’m heading to NY for a week but will keep posting so stay tuned. I’m leaving San Francisco for a quick trip just as the weather warms up to near summer temperatures…how it goes.

I have a piece up over at Lenscratch for the Summer exhibition, check it out and look at all the other great work. It’s an oldie but a goodie.



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The Costs Of Being A Fine Art Photographer

Can We Afford This?

A post on Lenscratch about the diminishing returns and frustrations of being a fine art photographer – in particular the opportunities that one works towards and the difficulty in being able to realize them due to cost.
It’s a very important and somewhat disheartening (but true) post from Aline Smithson. She brings up some hard but pressing issues and the accompanying commentary is definitely worth the read. Check it out below:

Can We Afford Succes?

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Self Portrait on Lenscratch

My self-portrait Nosebleed #3, North Sea, NY  is over at Lenscratch today, part of the Self-Portrait exhibition.

Check it and the others out here:


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