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Looking back and ahead

This is the first of the Parkhurst Slides that I will be posting, on this the first day of the new year. I submitted two pieces to the Project Basho Onward ’10 from the series and both were accepted. This one, Route 45, was in my senior show. I decided to post these as I will be starting up with the project again. Goal #1 – shoot in the studio on Sunday evening. Juggling photographing and work is a challenge but that’s what the New Year is for.

The Parkhurst Slides are a collection of narratives pieced together by an underlying strangeness. They depict the moment that a decision is made, the point when the plot reveals itself. By using a combination of found image and staged portrait I am directing an action; a short film in one instance.  A feeling of nostalgia is present in the photographs, but it is a made up nostalgia. It is a search to connect with a moment or memory that is not true. I create something that I want but cannot have.

The backgrounds for all of the images are projected slides dating from 1943-1969, all shot by one photographer. The final image is shot in camera. The subject poses in front of the projection to form a new image.

Here’s to 2010 and making more work!


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On the phone

Got a little distracted with work and the holiday, as well as some exciting plans about starting up a small shooting studio – more on that later. Sally and I went out to photograph one day and got a little distracted, a little lost. So we shot this.

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Erie diptych

erie diptych

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