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Working week. That’s all.



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Crush On Me; Crush Me


Listen to it. Check it.

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Nina Simone kind of day

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Summer Camp


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Friend Friday: Nathan Hall

This week I am profiling the prolific composer and visual artist Nathan Hall. For those who have followed this blog for a while, you may recognize his name from last summer when I posted about photographing one of his performances – a wonderful musical, walking tour of Pittsburgh’s Northside. Nathan is recently back from his Fulbright to Iceland and took the time to share what he’s been up to.

Where are you from, where do you live now?

I’m originally from a little town called Gowanda, NY, outside of Buffalo. I am moving to Boulder, Colorado in just a couple days, but I’ve just spent the last year living in Iceland!

How would you classify your work? Would you?

I like to say that I’m a composer and a visual artist, but that sometimes doesn’t encompass everything I like to do. I primarily make music works: recordings, chamber music, pop songs, and performance pieces, but I also would include my sculptural jewelry, design work, collaborations on art projects and other random art pieces in my work as well.

What projects do you have coming up? What does the future hold?

I hope to release my album in just a couple weeks! Possibly a release date around August 21st. I don’t have a lot of projects coming up as I’m sort of in a limbo time- in between researching and gathering all these materials from Iceland, and then going to Boulder to begin my doctorate in composition, and deciding just what to do with all of these recordings, interviews, photos, and memories that I’ve created. I’d like to do more outdoor and site-specific performances, and possibly incorporate electronic music into these pieces as well. We’ll see what happens in the fall–I’m never without ideas brewing!

Nathan recently completed a Fulbright in Iceland. While there  he wrote two choral pieces that were performed. He also recorded new work that will be released as an album late this summer. And he maintained his wonderful blog, Midnight Shoveler, with funny, insightful observations on life in Iceland.

Below is a link for his piece, The Pink Rose, a collaborative performance piece set in the Holavallagarour cemetery. Collaborating with the artist, Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, a work was composed on her original texts. With stereos placed throughout the cemetery electronic and electro-acoustic music wafted through the space as singers rang handbells and sang parts of melodies, traditional songs, and spoke the names of the deceased. Below is a link to listen to the work (click on the first project, The Pink Rose) as well as an image of Nathan during the performance.


As mentioned earlier, Nathan’s album, The Origin of the Sun and the Moon, comes out soon. In the meantime you can listen to earlier works here: http://nathanhall.bandcamp.com/

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David Tuzman

Welcome to the first Friend Friday post, a series of Friday write ups on very talented people. Friend Friday seeks to introduce the work of young creatives to new audiences and help build an artistic community … and give you something cool to listen to/look at/think about for the weekend and beyond.

David Tuzman is a musician and engineer hailing from Montclair, NJ and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. From 9-5, he is an engineer at Electro-Harmonix developing guitar effect pedals.

In his free time, he does…a lot!

David’s been playing since he was six years old. Currently he plays guitar and drums. He has composed the music for works by the filmmaker and artist Adam Abada, most recently for the short film Easter Sunday.

David is a member of the Brooklyn based band, NO FUN. I saw them this past January when I was still living in NY – you should too! Their album is coming out late July/early August (I’ll announce the date when it becomes known) and if you’re in Brooklyn this weekend check them out at the Northside Music Festival. They are playing at the Charleston on June 19th. NO FUN just recorded an Xray Spex cover for a tribute compilation being put together by Amy Klein for Permanent Wave. Keep your ears open for it! Click them links.

His solo works can be found on soundcloud. Think lush, atmospheric, beautiful build ups or better yet – take a listen. (One of my favorites is Surfaced Euphoric.)

And of course if you’re hungry head over to Make It Your Damn Self! (I personally made the sausage n’ stuff and recommend it). In the meantime, David is up for new things, new directions. If you like what you hear, want to hear more, want to let him know just leave a comment. If you want to be put in touch just make it known and thanks for reading!

Check back each Friday for a new profile and stay tuned for updates on all Friend Friday projects.

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Pay Me For My Pain

Just another disposable camera shot. The light is good and the colors might be obvious but they make me a bit weak in the knees. Working on display options for these shots; I accidentally had prints made at the pharmacy (long story) so I started arranging them and combining them with postcards….and yeah. I think it looks good. I also scanned all the film so I could get the colors where I wanted them. I think they’re good. I like this image just for who it is of and what that day felt like.

So on an entirely ridiculous note, this is a really great Trina song (where the title of this post comes from): I Want It All. This weekend is devoted to organization, drawing, show submission things, and maybe a bit of a baking. And of course some outdoor time. Going to tramp around a bit. It’s a beautiful day! Happy weekend.

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