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Looking Forward; Giving Back was great!


Check out this incredibly blurry documentation from the benefit auction last night. The turnout was impressive and the work knocked my socks off. Such a great night, with a wonderful group of people.



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Looking Forward; Giving Back

This Thursday night is the annual benefit auction, Looking Forward, Giving Back, at SF Camerawork. The auction benefits First Exposures, an amazing mentoring program that I work with. Mentor and mentee work will be auctioned off, along with presentations by students,  music and hors d’oeuvres.

First Exposures provides free weekly photography classes for San Francisco’s underserved youth. Each student is matched with a working photographer who serves as a positive adult role model and provides individualized guidance and support. In this mentorship program, more than 90% of students have gone on to pursue a college education.

Tickets can be purchased here: http://www.sfcamerawork.org/events/fx_events.php

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Polaroid Portrait

Legaci, my mentee with First Exposures, took this at SF Camerawork this weekend. The artist Maggie Preston presented her work to the kids and then we collaged. Next week it’s back to the darkroom and the following week something special which I will post more about later. At the moment my fingers are blue. I came to Kala this morning before work to check out a slide projector and to print. The printer needed ink, 3 cartridges which were nowhere to be found…in other words not much done in the studio today. I was hunting through files for a portrait of me to send in for Kala. I do not have pictures of myself.  I need a photograph to use that is not a disposable camera shot or wearing a wig or whatever else. I found one image I really like but I’m wearing cutoffs and have a glass of wine in hand – maybe a little too casual? To look like an afternoon drunk? The thought of asking someone to take a photo of me though is slightly unnerving. Anyway…Legaci did a pretty good job.


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